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Men deserve the right resources and assistance to help provide the support and care their partner and family need. We’ve got you covered.

How You Can Help

If you and your partner just found out you’re expecting, there are ways you can help. It’s important to remember your voice and support matter. A few ways you can help are:

  • Listen. Be sure to listen to your partner’s feelings and concerns. Listening to understand is different than hearing to respond. Allowing her to be open and honest about her concerns, questions, and fears is important. Even if you don’t have the answers, you can reassure her that you can find them together.
  • Be Honest. Your thoughts and how you might be feeling are important to share with your partner. She deserves to understand your feelings without having to guess or assume. It’s okay if you’re unsure how you feel or have fears. Talking about these emotions and thoughts is the only way to move forward confidently.
  • Be there. We know life is busy, but be present for her whenever you can. Appointments or small moments you have the opportunity to show her you’re nearby will go a long way.
  • Be supportive. During uncertainty and changes, being kind, sympathetic, and encouraging in your actions and words can help provide a stable environment for her to feel calm and cared for. Being compassionate and understanding will help her know she is supported.

How We can help

We offer free services to support men during this new journey. Here you will find the helping hand that will elevate you toward success. Like everything, it just takes a little dedication, hard work, and a positive attitude. We believe in you and know you’re exactly where you should be. You are needed and make the difference. Reach out to us for more information!


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