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How to deal with your unplanned pregnancy is strictly your decision. No one can force you to make one choice over another.

However, unless you are in an unsafe relationship and fear telling your partner would put you in danger, they deserve to know. Does your partner know about your pregnancy? If so, you may want to tell them you want an abortion. Here’s why.

Does Your Partner Know?

It takes two to become pregnant. If your partner knows about your pregnancy, he’ll be concerned about how to handle it. He may tell you he doesn’t care and the decision is up to you, or he may have a different opinion.

You can look at all three options together.

Is the Relationship Serious?

You should consider sharing the news if you plan on continuing your relationship with your partner.

An abortion is a stressful, emotional choice, and you shouldn’t have to face the decision alone. If your relationship is serious, telling him means you aren’t keeping any secrets between you. That makes for a healthier relationship.

Are You Aware of Abortion Procedures and Potential Risks?

Make sure before you choose abortion that you educate yourself on the various procedures, side effects to expect, and potential risks. Abortion is a serious medical decision, and you need to prepare yourself with the facts.

Although we do not perform or refer for abortion, we can provide you with factual information about both medical (the abortion pill method) and surgical abortion procedures. You should know what to expect, especially with the abortion pill method, since you perform this procedure by yourself.

Getting the facts about your pregnancy is essential for your health and safety. You need to know if your pregnancy is ectopic (growing in the wrong location) or too far along along for the abortion pill method. We can provide ultrasound referrals to get you the information you need.

What Are the Arkansas Abortion Laws?

Arkansas banned abortion unless necessary to save the mother’s life. The ban means you will most likely need to travel for your abortion. You need to consider the cost of the procedure, time off of work or out of school, hotel accommodations, food, and other travel expenses.

The FDA highly regulates the first drug, mifepristone, in the abortion pill method. Only certified providers can prescribe it.

The FDA does not recommend buying mifepristone online. Many online companies originate from foreign countries that the FDA does not regulate. As a result, you could receive the wrong drug or the wrong amount.

How Can HopePlace Newport Help Me?

You can trust the team at HopePlace to give you the information you need to make a confident decision. We provide free and confidential pregnancy testing. We are a community that will surround you and ensure you have all the support and care you deserve.

Schedule an appointment by filling out our online contact form or calling (870) 217-0672. We’re here to help you.

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